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First time back in a few years, nice to find a familiar video. It's so well improved as well. Looking forward to more.

I helped vote in an episode of the original run, back in the "flash"era.

He said "stop"

"maybe I should make fairies stop glowing so brightly"

Galdon responds:

If you caught that without reading my comment, a cookie goes to you. He originally says that then at the end nothing happens, and he realizes his mistake, after changing the ending I forgot to alter the line. I'm going to be fixing it as soon as my voice actor is available.

3D layers

did you use the 3D layers in flash, or was that the After Effects part you mentioned. I haven't really seen anyone use the 3D layers, but the results would look similar to what you have there.

I did notice some stiff parts. Especially when he's carrying the dead bird and his back is stiff as a board. definanly an opertunity to have posing tell the character's emotions. He should look sad in that part, he looked like he had a back brace there. A lot of good stuff though. That end pose was humorus.

RiverJordan responds:

I did the character animations in flash, the backgorunds in photoshop, and everything mixed together into 3D space in after effects.

3D layers in after effects are also like 9000000x more powerful than flash's 2.5d feature.

Good catch on the stiff back thing too.

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You need to change the audio sync type from "event" to "start". As it is the song plays mutiple times over itself, and adds a new copy of the audio every time it restarts.

Gameplay is fun, but that audio replication error is making a horrible noise (I died like five times already).

Materialist129 responds:

Is it the background music that is replication? The sounds are triggered with events in actionscript, so you shouldn't ever be hearing more than one. Not sure what you mean about audio sync type, I create a sound object and trigger it using play, adding an eventlistener to create the same sound once it stops playing.

Are you using Vista? We had a little trouble with that while betaing.


I replayed the survive as long as you can level a few time, until I came up with an efficiant method of tower-build to stay alive, but it's been 26:32 and there are so many sprites it's boggging down my laptop.
good challenges though

what's up with the guy's comment below trying to blam something that's been on the site for a year and has such a good score.

A button?

I hit the "A" button and disappeared, thus rendering the attacks useless, this was the only thing I found that didn't seem right.

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JPGarcia responds:

omg i m an asshole. i will fix that

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great stuff

i haven't been on newgrounds in a while, didn't notice you had some new songs until now, and they're awesome.
I'm definantly going to make some sort of animation over the summer break that can work with this one... more than likely a fight of some sort.

TritoneAngel responds:

That would be great! Thanks for the review, and I hope the song fits well with your project.

Very Nice

I really like the sound you have going for this. Really true to the original series' rythm. And the horns add a level to it. It feels like a good song for the reveal of KARR or something. (not the new "transformer" style KARR the original series' "evil" morally bankrupt KARR)

in other words "I like it!"

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ReignOverhead responds:


Quiete Niceful

sorry I didn't get here sooner

(out of five)

TritoneAngel responds:

There's always time for you. :)

Thanks for the fiven and the review!

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