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Posted by SuperFakeFilms - June 15th, 2011

My computer is, for the most part, dead. All productions have been halted due to this regretable event. Right now I am on someone elses computer, as that is how I must now check e-mails. I am continuing to develop projects in hard copy: character designs, story, etc.

Poor Conduct was intended to be made up as I go, but now I'll develop some story and designs. And the new design for the main character is leagues better than the previous design. Also, this will give me time to create some better designs for the enemies.

If I have not released any story on Poor Conduct yet, allow me to give some now. In a previous post I included a screenshot of early development of the space station the series starts at. The beginning of the first episode is when the main charcter, Hank the Tank, is thawed from cryo-stasis. He is a prisoner in a cryo-correctional facility for war criminals. Hank's reputation is that he's the best at killing things. When there's a particularly tough bad guy in a delicate situation Hank gets thawed out to kill it. Also, the only creature that Hank really cares about is a pet called PC1080 which is best summarized as a cyborg.

I don't know if I've mentioned anything about GT, but the story for that series is getting far more developed, and first release on that will be like a moving comic type deal, though release is still unforseeable.

Posted by SuperFakeFilms - December 27th, 2010

wow, I haven't made an update in over a year.

First off: Second Side of Sanity has mutated since its conception. I am working with my cousin and we're combining our fictional characters into one city to get situational humor from thier interactions. They all get transported into Sanity, which is an inescapable city, and then the series will be about their attepts to escape and survive.

Next: Captain Glacaitor: in development. We want this one to be good. I'll probably post some episode summaries when it gets closer to the release dates.

New: On Dec. 22nd of this year (2010) I decided to start a new series. It was going to be a stand alone vid, but then I got the idea of making short 3 minute episodes. All vocals for 1 is done, and I am animating and adding sound effects. In a couple episodes it'll get really hard to animate because I'm going to throw the main characer into battle as soon as I can. I'm making it up as I go so it's going to have a rough storyline. The new series is called "Poor Conduct" and episode 1 will be up soon.

My next update will be on the "Poor Conduct" pilot episode release, and I will write more in depth info about it then. Here's a screenshot, still in progress (the ship needs to be colored/textured)

It's been a while

Posted by SuperFakeFilms - August 6th, 2009

I am currently working with fellow Art Institute student Cody Brown ( http://stibby.newgrounds.com/ )
on an animation called the Second Side of Sanity. It will be a bit different than my usual stuff, as I am trying to work on the principles of animation and work in different styles.

I have a solo project of an Earth Devoured short, in which John Wagner is woken up by the ghost of his daughter, and immediatly leads into a fight with "the Bug."
pictures of John Wagner ( http://captain-glacaitor.deviantart.co m/art/John-Wagner-in-Flash-131779706
http://captain-glacaitor.deviantart.co m/art/John-Wagner-shooting-130544599
http://captain-glacaitor.deviantart.co m/art/John-Wagner-Banner-130544193 )

Also earlier today I started work on an animation with only a square and a circle as characters, I am forcing myself not to add voices, or any characers that resmeble a biological being of any kind, I want to get the story across without a narration. The whole thing is going to look sort of like am abstract painting, I'll find out the name of the style and make a post upon the animation's release.

I couldn't put this one here because of a dimension limit and the instructor made us use some rediculous dimensions 975x600?! ( http://captain-glacaitor.deviantart.co m/art/Droidom-Battle-Lines-preview-122 348772 )

Posted by SuperFakeFilms - May 26th, 2009

I have been working on Episode one of Captain Glacaitor, and voice synched frame by frame animation of a human character is a bit more difficult than I first thought, but I am making progress. Soon I will have my first completed frame by frame flash. at least FBF for character animation. BGs and inanimate objects are tweened